Stay After Worship

First Sunday: Monthly Business Meeting

Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, as it is formally called, occurs after Meeting for Worship on the first Sunday of every month. During this meeting topics regarding matters like the upkeep of the Meeting House property, new membership requests, requests for marriages under the care of the Meeting, plans for future events sponsored by the Meeting, and similar matters are discussed. Often final decisions about many of the matters raised are not reached in a single meeting as Quakers take great care to consider all points of view and do not make unilateral decisions that concern the entire Meeting.

Second Sunday: Coffee Social/Letter Writing

On the second Sunday of each month we gather at the rise of Meeting for Worship to share coffee (or tea) and refreshments. This is a time we get to connect with one another socially. We also provide an opportunity for those willing to write letters to our Congressional Representatives or Senators to advocate for current issues important to our Quaker values. The subject matter of the letters, as well as the suggested content, are provided to us by the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL).

Third Sunday: Forum

On the third Sunday of each month at the rise of Meeting for Worship, the Ministry & Counsel Committee sponsors a forum hour. The time is used to broaden our awareness and knowledge about important issues in our world today, to deepen our awareness of Quakerism, to foster spirituality or community. Topics discussed range from matters concerning the environment or things we might do to address racism in our daily lives, to Quaker spirituality and values. A formal presentation is normally followed by insightful sharing around how the matters discussed have impacted us personally.

Fourth Sunday: Adult Education/Richard Rohr Discussion

Note that Richard Rohr discussions are discontinued for the time being.

On the fourth Sunday of each month, some Friends linger for an hour after worship for the Richard Rohr discussion group. We begin by reading a page or two from the writings of Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan friar and well-known writer whose work focuses mostly on contemplation and the union of God with all things. After reading aloud, we settle into silence and worship sharing. Rohr’s writings invite us to consider together the practices and understandings that can support our own contemplative lives, in Meeting for Worship and beyond.

Stay after Worship