Memorial Practices

Quakers honor that of God in each person in our memorial practices, just as we do throughout life.   We gather in worship for a Meeting for Memorial Remembrance, which begins with ten minutes of silent worship.  After the reading of a Memorial Minute, attenders may share reflections and thoughts about the deceased.  Gunpowder Meeting works with the family to plan the Memorial Meeting.  Occasionally, memorials are held, under the care of Gunpowder Meeting, at another place that resonated with the deceased at a personal level.

Quaker burials are usually small gatherings, and the larger Memorial Meeting may be held at a different time.

We take great care in crafting a thorough Memorial Minute, recording the individual’s legacy.  Unlike an obituary, the Minute focuses on how the deceased’s personal life reflected Quaker beliefs and values as well as their history in Gunpowder and other Quaker communities and Meetings. The family, whether part of the community or not, is asked to review the Minute before it is preserved in the Meeting’s records for future generations. If the individual was active in Quaker organizations beyond Gunpowder Friends Meeting, the Minute might be sent to other Monthly and yearly Meetings as well as some Quaker publications.

Burial Ground Photo
Photo of birds ascending from Gunpowder Friends Meeting