Occasional Programs

Opportunities occasionally arise when a person from Gunpowder feels led to offer a program of their own design.  With approval of the Meeting these occasional programs are offered through the Ministry & Counsel Committee.  Two examples are:

  1. QUAKERISM 101: One to three 45-60 minute gatherings to learn about basic principles and practices of Quakerism.  Reading materials are provided in advance and the time together includes meeting one on one or in small spiritual friendship groups and using the practice of worship sharing in the entire gathering.
  2. THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE: WRITING SPIRITUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY:  In this eight week workshop participants examine their individually unique and personal spiritual journeys through writing about their most meaningful life experiences.  The exercises focus on the ordinary everyday experiences of our lives, for, as Christina Baldwin says: “The spiritual journey is what the soul is up to while we attend to daily living.”
Gunpowder Friends