Gunpowder Burial Ground

The burial ground on the west side of the Meeting House is for the use of the Gunpowder Monthly Meeting Community. The Meeting maintains the burial ground and will continue to do so as long as it is able. Gunpowder has an approved Burial Ground Policy that governs burial ground administration.

The Burial Ground Policy recognizes that there is a contractual agreement between the purchaser of a lot and Gunpowder Friends Meeting; however, the lot is not assigned to the purchaser but to the person whose remains will occupy the lot.

The Burial Ground Policy sets the lot price and places restrictions on marker size. The policy also prohibits plantings and/or statuary that would cause one lot to be more prominent than its neighbors.

Many Friends elect to be cremated and have their ashes scattered in the burial grounds, or perhaps elsewhere. A memorial bench has been placed in the burial ground to offer a memorial marker for these Friends. Inscriptions on the bench are likewise limited to Meeting members or others with Meeting approval.

A Memorial service can include use of the Meeting House and any other assistance the Meeting can provide. A Friend’s Memorial is a Meeting for Worship celebrating that of God in the life of the departed. Friends’ devotion to simplicity discourages ornate floral displays and fulsome eulogies, although it is common practice to have a Memorial Minute read at the Meeting and subsequently recorded in the minutes of Gunpowder.