Peace & Social Justice

An important part of Quaker community includes education, outreach, and activism on critical issues facing the larger community.  Our Peace & Social Justice committee is open to the whole Meeting.   This means we don’t have a small group of Friends leading us in Peace & Social Justice activities; rather, we work on these together as a whole Meeting by:

  • Educating ourselves on social justice topics through written materials and presentations by invited speakers
  • Supporting individual Friends with their efforts in the larger community
  • Including Peace & Social Justice on the agenda for discussion and reports on progress at every Monthly [Business] Meeting
  • Writing letters monthly on Peace & Social Justice topics provided by the Friends Committee on National  Legislation (FCNL)
  • Approving statements of support in solidarity with other Quaker organizations and in support of other outside organizations
  • Donating annually to a host of organizations that reflect our Quaker values
  • Appointing liaisons to bring issues and concerns to Monthly Meeting so we can take appropriate, supportive action
  • Participating as an active member of the United Churches Assistance Network (UCAN) which offers financial and referral help to those in need in Northern Baltimore County.